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Lip Pigmentation

Advanced Lip Pigmentation is a permanent make up procedure performed with the use of high quality pigments and advanced equipment, providing a subtle blush to your lips or more defined/enhanced look.

Boost or change of natural lip colour. Will balance lip discolouration or correct slight lip asymmetry. Clearer definition of lip line & lip shape. Visually enhances lip size by creating an illusion of fullness to your lips, but will never replace the result of lip injections.

Lip pigmentation is designed for clients who want either a very natural lip enhancement or more saturated colour. Lip pigmentation suits most skin types including melanin richer lips.

Shape of the lip tattoo is determined by your natural lip size (vermilion border). Under no circumstances lip tattoo can be placed above natural vermilion border of your lips. This rule does not apply to medical grade lip pigmentation for lip restoration.

Lip pigmentation is permanent however due to body metabolism a colour booster procedure is required to keep vibrant and good saturation of pigment as well as sharpness and visibility of lip contour.

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Advanced Lip Pigmentation can be combined with Lip

Augmentation for additional lip enlargement.

(separate appointment required)

Lip Pigmentation PMU

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