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My name is Aleksandra, I am a registered healthcare professional and cosmetic/aesthetic PMU practitioner. For the past 12 years I’ve been practicing in London and Europe. I hold a BSc degree in Physiotherapy primarily the study of the musculoskeletal system/anatomy and physiology (Musculoskeletal Medicine). Six years ago I entered the extended scope of Aesthetic Medicine training with 4T Medical. My particular interests are the head, face and neck with a high level of Anatomy & Physiology to support which very readily compliments the specialist subject of Medical Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics and the art of PMU. 
Trained by 4T Medical to Advanced standard and mentored by medical colleagues I now offer aesthetic treatments to complement my practice. I am committed to the study and updating of knowledge in the management of complications and adverse events which is a vital component for safe, effective and ethical practice.
I have in-depth training and knowledge of wound management, infection control, airway management and life support including AED, bleeding management, shock management, anaphylaxis management, and patient monitoring. I am committed to regular Continued Professional Development (CPD) in order to maintain current best evidence based practice to support and streamline patient care.


Founder Of Air Brows®
Permanent Make Up & Training

My interest in Permanent Make Up (PMU) developed initially due to a demand from patients wishing to have scars concealed and/or creating anatomical landmarks post illness due to surgical trauma. I had experienced a high volume of patients requesting help in correction of previous cosmetic PMU treatments (lip, brow, eyeliner etc.) which had been incorrectly implanted/performed.

I have the pleasure working in London and Europe in prestige locations for almost 12 years including celebrity clientele. I now bring my skills to Devon where I’m offering the very highest standards in PMU bespoke to each patients desires. My health care experience compliments the practice of cosmetic and medical permanent makeup and aesthetics of which I’ve achieved Masters level over many years with commitment to regular continued professional development (CPD).

Training For Students

Access golden standard accredited beginners and advanced workshops as well as individual bespoke trainings for those of you who wish to start or upgrade their career in the permanent make up industry. What sets our courses apart? We are not only focusing on the theory and practice of PMU but also facial anatomy and physiology, managing adverse events, PMU vs aesthetic injectables, working in aseptic conditions and appropriate patient aftercare.
Our students will achieve highly skilled results after completing our trainings with theory supporting practice and practice supporting theory. We believe good underpinning of facial anatomy will aid and inform students setting them up for best safe practice.
We are giving you the unique opportunity (rare in PMU world) of learning the skills of Permanent Micropigmentation that includes medical aspects of work, safety, patient management, decision making, adverse reaction solving, legal and more! 

We have collated years of knowledge and practice in to our trainings! 

We train regularly with our medical/ health care colleagues who join our trainings regularly.

Due to international enquiries we will be providing online courses accessible for students who can access our trainings and learn in their own time and space from anywhere in the world.