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Colour Booster

Colour booster procedure keeps your pigmentation in shape, boosts vibrancy and saturation of colour.

The right time to attend colour booster procedure depends on the location of the treatment area, age of your tattoo and individual body factors such as metabolism as well as other lifestyle factors. It’s known from our experience that the best time for colour booster is when you feel the need for additional pigment within your treatment area. For eyebrows it could be any time between 12-24 months, for lips 24-36 months and for eyeliner any time after 3+ years.

If you’re a previous client of Air Brows® and you think you’re in need of a colour booster procedure get in touch to book your appointment and request your free patch test package.

If you’re a NEW Client and had a cosmetic tattoo performed elsewhere, please get in touch to book your free consultation to allow us to assess your case first.


Designed for all NEW clients who had their cosmetic tattoo performed elsewhere and are no longer happy with their results or require a colour booster. Corrections, neutralisation and small shape adjustments are possible in some cases. Please note that your pigment residue must be little to none and the skin condition must be good. In order to assess your tattoo, consultation is a vital part of the process.

We reserve the right to refuse the treatment in clients BEST interest and will recommend a removal only if previous work is non fixable or further works would result in non satisfactory results.