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Air Brows® Hairstroke

Newest and truly best permanent eyebrows pigmentation that simulates your natural eyebrow hair strokes. Unique techniques and advanced equipment technology creates light, lasting & hyper realistic hair strokes without excessive skin trauma and scarring that is related to other hair stroke techniques (i.e. microblading).

Adventages of Air Brows® Hairstroke – enhances your natural eyebrow shape using gentle pigment pixel layering creating hyper realistic hair strokes. Ideal choice for clients with little to no hair strokes. Using a technologically advanced PMU unit with specific needle configuration and highly skilled hand using a pigment choice to match your skin type and natural brow colour in order to perform a gentle superficial implantation and precise colour match.

Air Brows® Hairstroke designed for women and men who desire a very natural enhancement. Preserving skin health and quality. No cuts! No scarring! No permanent skin demage!

WHAT WE ACHIEVE BY GENTLE HAIR STROKE IMPLANTATION: Natural, Airy & Hairy looking eyebrows (NO blocky brow effect, these hair strokes won’t merge together even after multiple boosters) Stable pigment shade that heals true to its colour (NO blue/red eyebrow after effect) Healthy skin & NO scarring (NO sharp blade cuts into the skin! NO excessive skin trauma! NO permanent scarring! NO patchy healed results!)

Shape of the brows is determined by your natural eyebrow positioning, hair growth and your desired goal. There are various tricks we can use to frame and lift your eyes by the use of specific brow positioning. This procedure is permanent however due to body metabolism a colour booster procedure is required to keep vibrant and good saturation of pigment as well as good visual hairstroke effect.

For the best results, initial Air Brows® Hairstroke procedure should ideally be performed on virgin brows but this more of the guideline than a hard rule. Future colour boosters should be ideally performed by the same practitioner well versed in the technique.

To find out more details about this procedure get in touch to book your FREE, bespoke and focused on your needs consultation.

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Modern signature technology by Air Brows®
for all ages and all skin types!



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