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Air Brows® we understand the beauty and demand behind hairstroke technique. This is why we worked so hard to develop Air Brows® Hairstroke! A unique and most beautiful MODERN technique for lasting and healthier pigmentation results for women & men of all ages, skin types and skin tones. 

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Microblading uses sharp blade that is being manually dragged to create cuts/incisions into the skin. Pigment pushed so deeply into these cuts and trauma/scar tissue caused by the blade gives very poor healed results especially in the future when frequent cuts are made during annual re-touch appointments. Regardless of how well performed and even by experienced technicians, in almost all cases and in time (1,2,3+ years) microblading treatment results in blocky, oversaturated and bluish or pinkish eyebrows that most women wish to remove. In the few years (some cases months) hair strokes are not visible anymore due to pigment blurring/migration because of depth of implantation. Close cuts cause hair stroke merging, that in turn gives blocky patchy brow look. Unfortunately skin trauma and scarring is pretty much irreversible and clients are left with ghost brows made of scar tissue or ink residue, even after removal.


Microbladed eyebrows first soared to prominence about 25 years ago throughout Asia and became very popular in Europe around 2015… today in 2023 we invite our clients to move onto more modern techniques in achieving permanent hair stroke pigmentation that is focused on lasting results and skin health, longer term!


NOTE: The above text is purely for educational purposes and to help our clients to make an informed decision. We mean no disrespect to artists who perform microblading as we ourselves in the past have done. This information is purely based on advances in technology as well as our experience and observations including evidence based best practices that support these new safer, less traumatic to skin and more appropriate techniques.